Our Promise To You – You will reach a live client care representative to schedule your service or emergency service visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every day of the year.



Respecting your time is our first priority at Scherer Electric. No matter when you call – 24/7 – you’ll speak with a live person ready to book your professional consultation...

All of our systems are designed, reviewed and upgraded continually to ensure we offer WNY’s best service – quickly, affordably and efficiently. NEVER waste time again waiting for a return call – or even worse – hoping someone will call you back. Your scheduled service visit is immediately confirmed electronically, verifying your chosen time/date, and making it simple to add to your calendar:

· Day prior: Appointment confirmation via text or email.

· Day of: We’ll contact you to narrow your appointment window – don’t waste valuable time wondering and waiting.

· Additionally, you’ll receive a notification call with an ETA once our technician is in route. You can even track our truck’s progress on our map as they make their way to your residence.

· Our mobile service units are stocked and ready with the industry’s best tools + largest assortment of name-brand quality parts and equipment – completing most repairs without ever having to leave your home.

Most importantly, saving you even more valuable time, we’re continually training the best, brightest and friendliest electricians in WNY, making your repairs correctly & efficiently the first time.


We respect your time, property, possessions, safety, budget, privacy, family, pets – AND your opinion.


We take safety seriously – for customers, home, property & personnel...

Safety starts with our investment in continued training, having the right tools to do the job safely & providing proper protection equipment. Our trucks and worksites are clean & organized, and every piece of equipment is maintained in top working order.

Our team is educated in following industry best practices for safety. They’ll never perform a task for which they’re unskilled – or one which would be unsafe for them, our clientele or your property.


Our commitment: We’re here to help – and listen. Your insight & concerns as the home owner regarding your electrical issues will receive deserving attention...

Only after a complete understanding of your issues and requirements do we offer our professional opinion. Taking into account your budget and timeline, we leverage our expertise and systems to provide solutions-based recommendations – repairing, replacing or adding as necessary – saving you $ and time by doing it right the first time. Oftentimes, our work is less than you’d think it would be… Let’s talk.

We put clients 1st, and we’ll do what’s best for you – ensuring you’ll think of Scherer first for future repairs, additions, upgrades and referrals.


We ask for a chance to win your business. Our philosophy? It’s OK if it’s broke. Let’s take this opportunity to fix it – once and forever for you, so you’ll never have to think about is again. NO return calls to correct errors. NO additional work or repairs needed...

You’d like to believe that everyone has this attitude, right?! Unfortunately, that’s NOT what we see each and every day in WNY.

We see multiple repair ‘attempts.’ It didn’t work from the start and/or failed shortly after the repair. We see repairs using incorrect parts – simply because that’s what the technician had on hand – or just didn’t want to go get them. We witness unsafe installations, additions and repairs made by unqualified personnel – your handyman, your plumber, your general contractor. Many of our competitors hide behind cell phones & answering machines. They operate out of their homes, don’t have dependable vehicles, tools or equipment, and don’t show up when promised. Or at all. They don’t file required permits or pass electrical inspections. Beware of cheap parts, insufficient insurance or the absence of electrical licenses.

If ‘your guy’ is cutting corners on their own business, imagine the service you can expect for your home! We’re the only company in WNY with a written 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee of the work performed – AND the best warranties on installation & repairs. By removing all the risk in hiring Scherer Electric, we make it easy & comfortable to choose us for your electrical work. Let us prove to you we’re the best. We wouldn’t accept your money any other way.


We have a zero-tolerance policy for our technicians – abiding by all governing laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the electrical industry...

Due to the possibility of added costs, some clients have actually expressed displeasure in having work done that meets current safety standards. Electrical codes represent bare minimum standards to pass inspection and are updated every 3 years. Don’t rely upon luck or negligence to avoid serious injury, property or structural damage. After all, it’s your home and family.

Scherer maintains the highest standards, ensuring not only your safety, but increased longevity of your installation or repair. An investment in a repair made to last a lifetime is always a better value in the long term.


We consistently strive for the highest degree of client satisfaction. We take it so seriously we have a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we ask you not to pay us. We wouldn’t deserve it. As humans, we understand that we’re not perfect, miscommunications occur and sometimes a job doesn’t go perfectly as planned. Rather than a problem, we see this as a chance to truly shine. We respectfully ask that you provide us with the opportunity to correct any issues or concerns you may have, allowing us to exceed expectations. We’re confident this commitment is precisely why our clients return again and again, referring Scherer Electric to family, friends, co-workers & neighbors. We thank you – and never take it for granted.


We design, build, and install using premier name-brand materials, while maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship & best installation practices. Scherer goes the extra mile...

We’ll match existing heights, level & plumb. Openings, threads and fittings are properly sealed, ensuring solid (and lasting) weather protection. We use hardware rated for the conditions & secure all equipment. Our boxes and circuit breaker load centers are wired neatly and securely. Antioxidant compounds used on all exterior terminations and wall penetrations are double-sealed to prevent water damage to your structure and electrical equipment. We back up everything with 1-year, 5-yr., 20-yr. AND lifetime warranties, dependent upon repair or replacement options selected – offering the most comprehensive warranties available in WNY!

One more thing… If you ever experience an issue with Scherer’s installation and require warranty work, your service request becomes our #1 priority. You’ve already paid for your repair (and it should last forever), so you’ll move to the front of the line – resolving your issue immediately.


Our team is our family, our clients and the Western New York communities we serve – Scherer’s TEAM of FAMILIES – and we're committed to building long-term relationships each and every day...

Let our team take the frustration and hassle out of getting a professional, quality electrical repair, replacement, or installation for you, your home or business today. Done right. The first time.


5700 Maelou Drive
Hamburg, NY 14075


5700 Maelou Drive
Hamburg, NY 14075